Software Development

OMM Software has in depth expertise in developing IT Softwares,platform like Java, Dot Net, PHP, Web designing, Android based application, MATLAB, Cloud Computing, Oracle Certification. These technologies can be used for desktop application, web application, enterprise application and mobile application.

OMM Software is actively engaged in Developing IT Software some of them are as follows:
1. Desktop Applications
2. Web Applications
3. Enterprise Applications
4. Mobile
5. Embedded System
6. Smart Card
7. Robotics
8. Games etc.

Web Designing

Web designing in a broader term would mean describing the design of front end of a client website and encompasses different skills, disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

We firmly believe that design is an art in itself that requirescreative mind, talent and best of the programming knowledge.Web designers are expected to be skilled in usability and user interface designing and are expected to be up to date with web accessibility guidelines. It includes : User interface designing , user experience designing and optimization of search engine.

If you are looking forward to make yourself place as a top online company in the market then we are here to serve you withbest of our services. By providing the Best Web Designing for your website would attract and catch huge audience who can be become customers for your products and services.

OMM Software Innovation (P) Ltd , has group of dedicated and skilled professionals, capable of Designing your website in thebest suited as per your requirements and business. To meet your business requirements as a online marketing company, first you need a professionally designed website whichshould be optimized and with good look and feel features,enoughattractive to pull targeted traffic.

Our specialisation involves Web Designing , Flash Web Designing , Web Hosting, Commerce Web Design, for your online business.


OMM Software Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is India's best SEO service provider company based in Pune,(India). We are a full marketing solution provider Internet, advises and implements all your web promotion strategy. This includes everything from redesigning your website. SEO services as social media optimization for the development of online applications to engage your customers.

OMM Software Innovation (Best SEO Service India) Group is a trusted SEO company in India (PUNE) providing affordable and best SEO services. Our dedicated team of SEO professional use white hat SEO technique to bring your website terms and keywordon first page of major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

We serve a new setting and customizing the website so that it achieves high ranking in search engine results (the snake). We use latest search engine tool for making your website better than your competitor's website and use latest trick to generatequality traffic to your website.

Embedded System

OMM Software Innovations provide complete solutions in embedded systems and system level programming. Our team has a vast experience in design and development for embedded systems that spans many CPU architectures, chipsets and peripherals across a variety of platforms. We can develop custom software including device drivers, firmware and board support packages.

Our areas of expertise include Networking and Communication software, smart phone software , Digital Signal Processing , Security Applications and Real - Time Embedded Systems .

We have created applications to provide functionality such as asset tracking with GPS, remote monitoring based on GPRS , Data acquisition systems for power grids , Industrial automation In addition we have a vast amount of experience creating software for embedded devices, wireless access points, communications equipment and embedded security systems.


Wireless technology is perhaps the most demanding and rapidly growth area in the technical sector. OMM Software engineers continue to be at the forefront of this technology explosion, developing hardware, firmware and software for a variety of wireless technologies.

We provide a wide range of conventional 802.11 station software including firmware,device drivers,configuration utilities,installation software,control panel application and custom application software .

These solutions include support for the following operating systems:
1. Windows (all desktop versions)
2. Windows CE / Android
3. Windows Embedded
4. MacOS
5. Linux
6. VxWorks
7. Other RTOS and custom operating environments

Android/Iphone App Development

OMM SOFTWARE offers Development Services on all latest technologies to create mobile software solutions for various platforms such as iPhone / iPad, Android.

1. Mobile apps for all types of mobile platforms.
2. We develop smarter and feature-rich mobile applications so that user can experience the power of mobile technology.
3. We offer high quality mobile apps at cost-effective.